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Reset root password for Peertube

Somehow when Googling on how to reset root password for Peertube, no related results were shown. If you forgot your root password on Peertube, and trying to find a way to reset, keep reading.

Resetting password for root or other users are easy,

# Basic installation
$ cd /var/www/peertube/peertube-latest
$ sudo -u peertube NODE_CONFIG_DIR=/var/www/peertube/config NODE_ENV=production npm run reset-password -- -u target_username

# Docker installation
$ cd /var/www/peertube-docker
$ docker-compose exec -u peertube peertube npm run reset-password -- -u target_username
  • You will need to replace target_username with the one you want to reset. If root, just replace it with root.
  • If you are using docker, replace /var/www/peertube-docker with your actual project folder.

You will then will get prompted to enter your new password

Reset root password for Peertube 1

Just enter a new password and repeat if needed.

You are now done 🙂


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