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Connecting a phone to Arch Linux system via MTP

I don’t usually accessing a phone storage on PC. But when I do, they will refuse to work. For this blog post, I was trying to connect my Android phone to a PC with Arch Linux installed.

You might have stumbled upon these errors when trying to connect your phone to your PC via MTP

No storage media found. Make sure your device is unlocked and has MTP enabled in its USB connection settings.
libusb_claim_interface() reports device is busy, likely in use by GVFS or KDE MTP device handling alreadyLIBMTP PANIC: Unable to initialize device

The first one shows up in file manager, in my case, Dolphin. While the second one shows up when you ran $ mtp-detect.


The solution is pretty simple. Just install gvfs-mtp

$ sudo pacman -Sy gvfs-mtp

and do a reboot.

Your phone should be accessible now.

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