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Error ‘OS error – This device does not exist’ occurred while reading ‘/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_1.VOB’ at offset ‘0’

I just got my external DVD player yesterday and I am planning to rip my DVD collections into digital form. This is my first time ripping a DVD disc, also my first time using MakeMKV.


MakeMKV can read the disc, but after a few seconds the ripping process started, the drive disconnected with errors like

Error 'OS error - This device does not exist' occurred while reading '/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_1.VOB' at offset '0'


Turned out my DVD player didn’t get enough power to spin the disc, so it disconnect itself. Thanks to this forum post which helped me identifying the problem.

I was using the DVD player on USB hub. So I pulled it out and put it into USB port at the back of my PC. Now problem is solved.

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This actually helped me. I was trying to archive a DVD collection and I kept getting this error. I had the drive plugged into the USB-3.1 port on the top of my PC Case. After reading this, I moved it to a USB-C port on the back which is directly on the motherboard and this error went away. I also had to change my drive from Region 2 to Region 1. Thanks!

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