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How to update GNOME extension properly? Get rid of “Error”.

There is a lot of extensions you can install in your GNOME. They can be easy to install, but a bit tricky to update because you will be seeing “Error” on the updated extensions most of the time. There is not a lot of guide that explain proper steps to you, so I will.

How to update GNOME extension properly? Get rid of "Error". 1

Step 1 – Install update

Click the green button next to the ON/OFF switch. When you are prompted to install, just click “Install”.

Step 2 – Reload shell

This is a crucial step as the page will display your extension as “Error”.

You will need to reload your shell to reflect the changes. To do that, hit ALT + F2, then type the letter r, and hit ENTER. See image below.

How to update GNOME extension properly? Get rid of "Error". 2

What this will do is it will reload your GNOME shell. You can also re-login or worst, a restart. But since this is much simpler and faster, this is much preferred way.

Step 3 – Reload browser

Reload your browser. The page of the extensions need to be reloaded so it can fetch the current status of those you updated.

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kaushik kalita

wow thanks buddy it worked, thanks for your help, love you 3000


Its not working on fedora gives an error restart doesnt work on wayland.


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