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How to enable Studio feature in Peertube

Recently in v4.2.0, editing feature has been added in Peertube, allowing you to do some simple edits on your uploaded videos. But for some reason I cannot find the feature anywhere.


before we are going into the steps on activating the feature, let us look on the features that Studio mode has:

  • Cut the video (set a new start/new end)
  • Add an intro at the beginning and/or an outro at the end of the video
  • Add an icon/watermark in the top right corner of the video
  • PeerTube will automatically transcode the new video and replace the original one


Turned out you need to activate this feature in Administration panel.

Simply go to

Administration > Configurations > VOD Transcoding

Then scroll to the bottom and you will find the option “Enable video studio” that you need to check

How to enable Studio feature in Peertube 1

Then click Save button to apply the change.

How to use

To enter the Studio mode,

  • Upload your video and publish it as usual.
  • In video page, click and select Studio
How to enable Studio feature in Peertube 2
  • Enter your preferred edits, and click Run.
How to enable Studio feature in Peertube 3
  • Wait until your server finished processing it
  • Enjoy!
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