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Docker | pair interfaces: operation not supported

I was trying to start a docker container with docker-compose, but greeted with an error

$ docker-compose up
[+] Running 6/5
 ⠿ Network peertube_default        Created                     0.0s
 ⠿ Container peertube-postfix-1     Created                     0.1s
 ⠿ Container peertube-redis-1      Created                     0.1s
 ⠿ Container peertube-postgres-1   Created                     0.1s
 ⠿ Container peertube-peertube-1   Created                     0.0s
 ⠿ Container peertube-webserver-1  Created                     0.0s
Attaching to peertube-peertube-1, peertube-postfix-1, peertube-postgres-1, peertube-redis-1, peertube-webserver-1
Error response from daemon: failed to create endpoint peertube-postgres-1 on network peertube_default: failed to add the host (vethbbca858) <=> sandbox (vethf0b9311) pair interfaces: operation not supported


Reboot your system.

I did an update to my Arch Linux system and the kernel was updated. I have to reboot my system so the new kernel is loaded and thus completing the update. After a reboot, the docker container booted fine.

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